In this visual world we live and work in, video has become one of the primary methods of delivering powerful messages to your target market. If you are considering creating a law video or medical video, these videos can be helpful in forging a link between your practice and your clients or patients. They cut through the jargon, avoid the need for complex technical knowledge or equipment and bring your message home to the viewer in a format he or she understands well.

Using Video for Marketing Purposes

At Precision Marketing Partners, we believe video is an invaluable item in your practice marketing arsenal and can be used in multiple different ways.


Have you ever seen client testimonials on a website design and thought “yeah, right” – the wording is too good to be true, and it’s written by “Mary A.?” You have no idea whether it’s legitimate or not. A video testimonial, even one that omits the client’s last name for privacy purposes, is considerably more credible, and it offers your site a good multimedia mix as well.


You’re proud of your practice and the facilities you have to offer, but the only people who ever get to see them are existing patients. Video tours offer you the opportunity to bring the professionalism and comfort of your premises right to your prospects, via your website and social media.

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Few marketing methods work as well as educating clients and patients, while at the same time showcasing your knowledge and expertise in your industry. Now you can avoid the need to hold live events aimed at getting attendees into seats by recording your seminars and public addresses and offering them for download on your website or social media profiles.


The question of getting found is a vital concern for all practices these days, and video offers a range of benefits in this area. Sure, you can record a basic video using your computer or smartphone, but with the professional production aspects Precision Marketing Partners can bring to your project, we’re able to use the correct conventions to make your videos become a powerhouse of search engine optimization.

Partner with a Professional

Let the team at Precision Marketing Partners use our knowledge and experience along with considerable videography skills to build the dynamic, active presence you need to take your medical or legal practice into a successful future. For high-quality video production that delivers your message the way you want it to, contact Precision Marketing Partners at  (919) 457-6566.

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