Search engine optimization (SEO) is a cornerstone of modern digital marketing, which operates on the principal that by using ethical practices, your company can be found online ahead of your competitors’ sites. Content marketing, social media and even the most excellent, client-centric facilities are only effective if users searching for the services you offer find your practice or business in their search results. And that only happens with the implementation of extensive SEO tactics.

How SEO Works

For websites, the ability to appear in search results has evolved into a fine art governed by a complex process of optimization. Search engines send out electronic “spiders” to crawl the web, following links from one website to another and building a database indexed by various criteria. The algorithms rank each website according to a list of features, which are aimed at identifying the sites that are most relevant and valuable in a Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

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When Internet visitors search for products and services using common key terms, sites containing those key terms are delivered in the SERP. Since Google makes huge revenue from advertising, it aims to serve up the most relevant information related to the search, including identifying results that correspond to criteria such as the user’s location, the items being searched for, and the quality of the site on which they are found.

Why You Need SEO

As a business wanting to attract new clients, you need to be 100% certain that when a prospective customer searches online for your product or service, they will be offered your website in the SERP. Given the huge number of sites online, the only way to achieve this is to have your site built according to the guidelines laid down by search engines like Google. These include:

  • Creating quality content for website visitors, which contains valuable information about your services;
  • Incorporating researched key terms in your website copy, to direct the search engines to the correct pages;
  • Embracing multiple media types in the content, to capture and retain the visitor’s interest;
  • Building a credible online presence, with links to and from other authoritative websites;
  • Following technical best practices, to ensure searchability for the spiders;
  • Providing website visitors with a seamless process to enable them to contact you for more information;
  • Optimizing for local search. With mobile connectivity getting bigger every day and 60% of users now searching from mobile devices, having a site optimized primarily for mobile has become a priority for Google.

Without qualified SEO capability to ensure your compliance in all these areas, you’re likely to be left floundering in deep water without an SEO compass to navigate your way out with.

SEO the Precision Way

Implementing quality, effective SEO requires knowledge of the processes involved, an understanding of acceptable practices, and intimate knowledge of the SEO mistakes that can cost a website its traffic.

At Precision Marketing Partners, we follow a unique combination of tried-and-tested methods of optimization, which include:

  • Keyword research and analysis of your competitors
  • Developing optimized content for as many touchpoints as possible
  • Creating compelling calls to action to encourage your website visitors to engage
  • Implementing analytics to monitor and measure your website’s performance
  • Regular reviews and reports to stay up to date on changes in your industry’s search terms. 

Don’t be fooled by the hype: SEO is not dead, and it

isn’t likely to be anytime soon!

Investing in improvements to your searchability is more important than ever, and with search engine optimization your business is set to succeed in online marketing. We believe strongly that a robust SEO strategy is one of the single most critical components of any company’s marketing efforts, and an important foundation of your online presence.

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