Attracting new, prospective clients to your website requires more than a professional online presence. You need to be assertive to deliver your message to website visitors and bring your services to your target audience. Retargeting could be the ideal solution for you, especially if it’s coupled with a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy. 

What Retargeting Is

Traditional retargeting enables you to present your message to prospects you already have a relationship with, by targeting visitors to your site after they leave. It works by adding an anonymous browser cookie to users who visit your site, allowing the visitor to be recognized when they land on popular, large websites such as CNN, MSN, Ebay, ESPN, and millions more. The visitor is shown your advertisements again for a limited length of time, and can click through directly from there to your site. This gives people who visited your site previously another chance to connect with your company.

Retargeting the Precision Way

At Precision Marketing Partners, we believe in helping you target the exact prospective client you want to serve. By building a geo-targeted and behavioral-targeted lead list, you’ll get your message exclusively in front of those who have a self-identified interest in your product or service, based on their web browsing behaviors. How do you manage this without having traffic coming to your website that you can tag with cookies? Simple. You look for users on major, high-traffic websites who are viewing products and services in specific, relevant categories. There are millions of websites that are part of the multiple ad networks. As long as they meet this criteria, we can typically target that website as a prospect for your company.

Taking Retargeting to a New Level

Most websites that sell advertising space have more inventory than they have advertising customers. To fill this gap, they open up their inventory to ad networks such as Google and Bing. The ads then get placed in a live, ongoing auction, where we bid on the specific pages or websites where we want your ads to show up. Our sophisticated software does this automatically on a continuous basis.


1.     Find Neighbors and Friends

Building lists to target with your services is much like finding and meeting new neighbors and friends. These are prospects who live in your area, watch news in your area and even have specific, granular interests such as sports, local business, lifestyle or industry reports. Users visit websites like NBC, WRAL and Triangle Business Journal, where we cookie them depending on what they’re looking at. They then begin to see your ads across the Internet on other sites they go to.

2.     Target Local Residents

If you want to target local residents or movers, we can build lists from sites such as, Zillow and Trulia. This gets your message in front of in-market prospects, including:

  • New residents in the area
  • Homeowners moving around the area
  • Potential buyers considering investing in the area

3.     Aim at Specific Interests

For law firms and health care practices, targeting high traffic sites like or helps you reach users searching for answers to their questions. Retargeting for veterinary or pet services could focus on sites like PetMD, Dogster, and ModernCat, identifying prospects from the hundreds of thousands of lists that already contain your ideal client demographic. Large sites such as Huffington Post, Forbes and Entrepreneur can become a source of leads for your practice, even in the absence of traffic to your own site.

A marketing “rule of thumb” is that it takes 4-6 impressions for your brand to become “sticky” in your prospect’s mind. Retargeting the PMP way gives your business an edge over your competitors, and brings more qualified leads to your website while moving prospects further (into or) down the funnel.

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