Promotional Products Keep Your Brand in Front of Your Clients & Prospects

The use of promotional products increases awareness of your brand identity and keeps your business top of mind with your customers. The distribution of branded items offers the opportunity to connect personally with your client, present a gift that usually fits well within the guidelines of most company policies, and is tax-deductible as a marketing expenditure. The secret to effective use of this strategy is choosing quality products thoughtfully and branding them with care. At Precision Marketing Partners, our aim is to help clients based in Raleigh, NC, and surrounding areas maximize your business marketing plan, using a variety of tried and tested methods. Our methods apply to veterinary marketing, doctors’ marketing, lawyer marketing and other service-based business marketing.

Developing a Promotional Campaign

Developing an effective promotional campaign requires careful strategic planning and implementation to realize a return on your investment. We can help you define the goals and objectives of your campaign, and create a distribution plan geared toward reaching your target audience. We’ll help you select promotional products for your giveaways that relate to your product or service, create a central theme and develop a promotional message that supports your marketing strategy. We’ll be there to help as you develop a budget for your campaign, find the right promotional product supplier(s) and plan promotional events in and around Raleigh, NC.

Benefits of Using Promotional Products

  • Offers visibility to your business
  • Builds brand identity and recognition
  • Cost-effective marketing technique compared with traditional advertising
  • Directly targets your most important existing and potential clients
  • Enables personal contact with your clients for a non-sales purpose
  • Is the ideal accompaniment to a product launch strategy
  • Can delight your clients and give your business favorable standing with them

Value Proposition

Recent research identified that 6 in every 10 people develop a positive impression of a company from whom they receive promotional products. The same study showed that 8 in every 10 clients who receive such gifts are likely to consider doing future business with the giver, and that one year after receipt, 7 in 10 were able to remember the brand on the promotional items they received. This evidence supports our view that promotional products are a cost-effective marketing strategy for any business.

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Choosing the Right Promotional Products

Choosing the right products is vital when it comes to making the most of your giveaways. The items you select should be functional or attractive enough to make your clients want to get and keep them. They should also be relevant to your product or service in some way.

For example, a promotional product as part of a veterinary marketing strategy may include a branded water bowl for a pet, while a company in the construction and home renovation business could select a branded key holder. A provider of IT support services might choose branded flash drives to give customers. Promotional products for tourism services could make use of area-specific items, such as desk calendars showing scenic photographs of North Carolina.

As long as the item is useful, your customers keep using them and your advertising message or brand is consistently reinforced or reintroduced.

Types of Promotional Products

There are many types of promotional products to choose from, but business owners with unique product or service offerings may do better by identifying their own less common giveaway items. Standard giveaways range from pens and leather writing folders to business card holders, cellphone accessories, T-shirts and other corporate clothing.  As branding experts, we believe that low-cost, gimmicky items such as baseball caps and lapel pins are typically suitable only for mass giveaways at public events, while higher-quality items are reserved for personal gifting to important clients. Higher-priced gifts such as signature ink pens and sets of crystal wine glasses are ideal for senior client representatives such as CEOs and directors.

Trade Show Giveaways

Participating in trade shows is a great way to bring your company and products to the attention of your target market. The difficulty is that businesspeople attending these shows see such a wide range of items that it becomes impossible for them to recall them all. Having useful promotional products to give away at your trade shows in Raleigh, NC, or other cities is a surefire method of reminding potential customers who you are and what you can offer them. Include your contact details on the giveaway so they have easy access to your information.

Getting Started

Contact us to discuss your custom promotional product requirements and enjoy the benefit of our years of expertise in marketing strategy, coupled with an intimate knowledge of the marketplace of Raleigh, NC. We’ll help you build a successful, cost-effective marketing program that will bring the return on investment your business needs.

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