They say a picture is worth a thousand words. In the business world, a picture can easily be worth $1,000 – or more – in revenue. Eye-catching images attract positive attention, enhance your credibility, and help you build lasting connections with the people in your target audience. Precision Marketing Partners offers professional photography services to help you use images to your advantage in your healthcare and law firm branding and marketing.

People form opinions based on the images they see.

Have you ever seen a portrait photo that was poorly lit or out of focus? Did it make you want to engage with that person? Probably not. When people see low-quality images, they assume you are not providing a high level of service. Using professional photos in your marketing materials makes it easier to attract customers who are willing to pay a premium for quality.

The right images make you appear more trustworthy.

Split testing shows that using photos of real people on a website makes the site more trustworthy. Because trust is critical for getting a prospect to engage with you for the first time, high-quality photos can actually help gain more prospective clients. The key to using this tactic successfully is using images from your practice or firm. Prospective clients know when a website is filled with stock photos – they want to see your staff members and get to know you before they commit to buying.

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Precision Marketing Partners offers a variety of photography services to help you build trust and turn interested prospects into paying customers.

  • Portraits of providers and staff
  • Environmental photos (showing you and your staff in action with clients or patients)
  • Product photography
  • Facility and location photos

High-quality photos amp up the “WOW” factor.

Professional images make an immediate impact on prospects and customers. The right photos increase brand awareness and leave a lasting impression on people in your target audience. When your reputation is at stake, you can’t afford to skimp on professional photography for your business.

Partner with a true professional.

There’s a big difference between working with an amateur photographer and partnering with someone who has experience taking professional photos. For our ongoing clients, photography is included as part of our retainer as an added value.

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Marketing efforts can help build and retain a patient base.