At Precision Marketing Partners, we’re dedicated to helping you grow your business. Whether you have an existing business/practice or a new one, we have the experience to transform your brand and help you stand above your competition. We truly care about the success of our clients and become a vital part of the organization as a true partner in their marketing and business management.

Whether you need a healthcare marketing agency, a law marketing agency or another service-focused marketing agency, our services revitalize your brand and lift you above your competition.

Our unique agency’s boutique-style approach ensures that you are always working directly with the principals and never an account executive. We offer a wide range of services to brand your business, drive traffic to your website, generate leads, and manage your relationships with customers.


Your brand tells people who you are, what you do, and why you are different from your competitors. If you are ready to launch a business, Precision Marketing Partners can help you build a strong brand identity right from the start. Our rebranding services are ideal for businesses in need of a brand makeover due to market changes, mergers and buyouts. Learn more about our branding services.

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Graphic Design

Good copy is essential for a successful marketing campaign, but design is what gets people to sit up and take notice. We create brochures, stationery packages, business cards, direct mailers, postcards, pocket folders, and other marketing materials that create an immediate visual impact. Learn more about our graphic design services.


Strong copy persuades readers to take action. Whether you want to drive traffic to your website or generate more leads, our copywriting services can help you reach your goals.

  Web Design

If your website isn’t pulling in leads and converting some of those leads into paying customers, Precision Marketing Partners can help. We create visually appealing websites that pull customers into your sales funnel and make it easier to convert them into clients or patients. Learn more about our web design services.

  Business Management Consulting

Our team has the business know-how to help you tackle your most frustrating business challenges. We’ll analyze your business problems and come up with a plan to help you overcome them. Working with a consultant can drastically improve performance, making your business more profitable. Learn more about our business management consulting services.

Executive Coaching

Every business needs a strong leader to make decisions and overcome obstacles. Precision Marketing Partners offers coaching services to help executives get clear on their goals, identify areas for improvement and manage their priorities. Working with us can help you improve your leadership skills and maximize your performance.

 Creative Marketing Strategy Consulting

You need a plan to guide your marketing efforts. Precision Marketing Partners can help. We get to know your business almost as well as you do, identifying your strengths and looking for areas of opportunity. Then we create a comprehensive marketing plan that fits your budget with the ability to deliver it from concept to completion. Learn more about our creative marketing strategy consulting services.


In the business world, high-impact images reinforce your brand identity and help you make more sales. Our professional photography services help business owners attract positive attention in print and on the Web. Learn more about our photography services.


Video marketing helps you connect more easily with people in your target audience, making it an important piece of the marketing puzzle. Precision Marketing Partners coordinates video shoots and produces polished videos you can publish on your website, YouTube and social media. Learn more about our videography services.

 Social Media Management

Social media helps business owners generate leads, maintain strong relationships and cultivate an active and engaging online conversation with clients and potential clients. We handle every aspect of social media management, from creating relevant posts to tracking campaign results, leaving you free to focus on growing your business.

Online/Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to attract new customers to your business. Precision Marketing Partners offers search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) services to help you make the most of your online real estate. Using SEO and SEM best practices, we drive traffic to your website, collect leads and help you convert those leads into customers. Learn more about our online and digital marketing services.

Offline Marketing

Increase your reach by adding offline marketing techniques to your overall business strategy. Precision Marketing Partners helps business owners produce high-impact direct mailers, radio and TV advertisements, and billboards as well as advertising in print media, such as, newspapers, magazines, and trade publications. Learn more about our offline marketing services.

When you consider your options for marketing partners, you want an agency with experience in your industry. We focus on service businesses and are a top choice healthcare marketing agency and law marketing agency, working in both offline and online marketing.

If you want to reach more customers and grow your business, Precision Marketing Partners is here to help. Contact our Dynamic Duo of Marketing (Greg and Jennifer) at (919) 457-6566 to find out how we can help you maximize your marketing dollars.

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