Create and implement healthcare marketing strategies that will put your medical practice on the map. Use traditional and new media to boost patient acquisition and build your reputation as an expert in your specialty.

As a professional consultancy with experience in medical practice marketing, we can help you devise and implement a strong, strategic approach that makes the most of a wide range of channels. These include:

An Online Strategy

We can help you develop a powerful online presence through the creation of a comprehensive practice website, optimized for search engine indexing using thoroughly-researched keywords relevant to your profession.

Support your healthcare marketing strategies by implementing proven tactics to get your company found and to convert prospective patients into existing, loyal ones. These include establishment of a blog and enhancement of your online reputation through patient testimonials and content marketing.

We review, analyze, monitor and adapt the process to achieve optimal benefits for your bottom line and the best possible result for your expenditure on advertising.

Social Media

As social media-savvy marketing professionals, we can help you to:

  • Navigate the waters of social networking
  • Understand the differences between the various networking platforms
  • Publish fresh content regularly as part of your healthcare marketing strategies

With our experience in marketing directly to patients using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other sites, we can help you to create quality profiles to represent your practice, gain followers and engage them in online conversations.

Event Marketing

Your medical practice marketing can benefit from the inclusion of events such as practice open days, participation at trade shows and involvement in community gatherings. As professional, experienced consultants, we can help you to identify appropriate events to include in your healthcare marketing strategies.


Manage the public profile of your medical practice through distributing regular press releases, participating in radio and television talk shows and commenting on relevant current affairs. Whether you do this on your own website or in groups such as those on social media, building your personal brand through publicity is a critical aspect of your healthcare marketing strategies.


With two kinds of mail available, we provide insights and management of both email marketing and direct mail. Email marketing is a low-cost option that forms part of your healthcare marketing strategies, while direct mail is the distribution of materials through regular postal service. Research shows that direct mail is still one of the most effective methods of raising awareness of your medical practice.

As part of your healthcare marketing strategies, implement a targeted direct mail campaign aimed at prospective patients in your area that includes a strong call to action. In tandem with the campaign, build a database of patients that you can communicate with regularly by email marketing, to notify them about special events, promotions and discounts.

Build your practice reputation and success through the implementation of comprehensive healthcare marketing strategies, as well as effective tracking and monitoring of the results. Contact us for more information on how we may assist you.

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