What is Precision Marketing Partners?

Precision Marketing Partners is a full-service marketing agency specializing in services such as healthcare marketing, medical websites, dental, law firm and veterinary practice marketing.

What does it mean to be a full-service marketing agency?

A full-service marketing agency means we offer the full range of tools to implement the custom-designed marketing strategy for your business. From branding and collateral to video creation and website design, if you need it, we make it happen.

What industries does Precision Marketing Partners have experience in?

We have experience working with law firms, medical practices, healthcare providers and specialists, and veterinarian practices.

How does marketing help my business?

Marketing helps your clients and potential clients find you when they need your service. As a service provider, your job is to help solve a problem for your client. At Precision Marketing Partners, our job is to make sure your practice is top of mind, so when a need arises, the decision is an easy one for the potential patient or client to turn to your services.

Do you do online marketing?

Yes, we have extensive knowledge of the online environment. Some of the services we offer include website design, content marketing, research and analysis of keywords, and social media. You can learn more about our soup-to-nuts online marketing services offerings here.

Printed materials, such as brochures, are important for my business. Can you help with that?

As a full-service agency, we create and produce all types of print marketing materials. Most businesses have a need for print materials, from trade show booths to professional signage to T-shirts. Printed materials need to be created with extreme care and attention to detail. Our graphic designers understand what printers need and the various stages of proof checking involved in the multilayered process. You can learn more about the large range of print items we can create here.

I want my business to show up early in Google search results. Can you help with that?

Yes, we offer search engine optimization and ranking services, as well as the creation and management of search engine marketing through pay-per-click ads.

In the past when I’ve worked with marketing agencies, some of the projects were late and it was hard to get a hold of someone if I had a question. How do I know that you won’t be the same way?

With us, you are not a number. We form intimate relationships with all of our clients. Our agency is a boutique style, which means it’s small and you’ll hear from us frequently about your projects so you have peace of mind. Your success is our priority.

Do you have any examples of the work you’ve done?

You can see samples of our website, design, print and video work in our portfolio.

I’m interested in working together. How can I get in touch?

That’s great. You can contact us by filling out this form, and we’ll schedule a no-obligation meeting to discuss how we can be of service to you.

Healthcare Marketing

Why would a healthcare professional need to market their health services?

If you want to attract new patients, you need to give people a good reason to choose your practice instead of visiting one of your competitors. That’s where we come in.

What do healthcare marketing services include?

Your healthcare marketing strategy should provide value to your current and potential patients. It should also make it easy for people to find you and your office when they need you. We offer the creation of online content to educate people about why they need your services, search engine marketing to drive people to your medical practice website, and networking activities to help you enhance your reputation. You can learn more about our healthcare and medical marketing services here.

Can you help with our advertising?

Yes. Any healthcare advertising, from medical to dental advertising, requires knowledge of regulations related to advertising, what patients want and need and what will trigger the highest conversions. With our combined 60+ years of experience, we’re equipped to create high-quality, ethical and legal advertising for attracting new patients.

Law Firm Marketing

Why would a law firm need help from a marketing agency?

Building a thriving law practice isn’t just about winning cases. It’s about promoting your experience and services so you frequently have new clients.

Do you work with a specific type of lawyer?

Whether your practice focuses on workers’ compensation, personal injury law or defending people accused of crimes, we can help you build a solid marketing strategy to grow your practice and maximize your marketing dollars.

Can you provide an example of how you would help with law firm marketing?

Yes, we offer search engine marketing to make it easy for clients to get to your law firm website, online content to provide educational content about your firm to your clients and social media management to connect with existing and potential clients.

What kind of work have you done for other law firms?

We have completed work such as law firm branding, legal website design, social media maintenance and more. We have strategized and implemented online marketing for law firms in North Carolina. You can learn more about all our law firm marketing offerings and experience here.

Veterinary Marketing

How can you help with veterinary marketing?

A successful veterinary practice starts with strong relationships. We help veterinarians attract the right clients and keep them coming back through strategic, high-quality marketing.

What are some examples of the marketing you’ve done for other veterinarians?

Because veterinarians form deep bonds with their clients, who only want the best care for their pets, we usually recommend a good amount of visual marketing materials. We offer services such as photography/videography, branding, graphic design, veterinary website design and multi-channel marketing campaigns. When combined with a cohesive marketing strategy, you can convey to your clients and potential clients the care and compassion you’ll give to their pets. You can learn more about our veterinary practice marketing here.

Can you help with veterinary advertising?

Yes, we can design eye-catching print ads, moving digital ads, custom websites and manage search engine advertising. With our experience, we can create veterinary advertising that helps increase awareness of your veterinary practice and lead to new clients.