How to Effectively Market Your Dental Practice

Effective dental marketing takes planning and creativity.

Dental marketing requires strategy and persistence. Attracting more patients means being able to connect with them across multiple platforms. Begin by ironing out your goals for your dental practice, then move to building a dental marketing strategy to reach and engage with them.

Identify the types of services you want to promote, the time of year and your ideal patient. For example, leading up to Halloween you may want to address toothaches and tooth sensitivity caused by eating candy. These are mouth discomforts that patients are likely experiencing during the season.

Here are key things to keep in mind as you build an effective dental marketing strategy:

  • Offer mobile-friendly platforms. Patients continue to turn to mobile devices for on-the-go solutions.
  • Consider a robust target marketing approach to meet patients in their time of need.
  • Identify a select product or service to promote.
  • Find ways to connect with your community.

The key to effective dental marketing is to look for ways to connect with your patients in their moments of need. Let’s explore these points in detail to help you get started.

Engage Patients

The way patients interact with your practice has changed forever, and this engagement is often mobile. Patients typically find your practice via social media, blogs and shared email newsletters. If you have not yet developed a robust online digital content strategy for your dental marketing, you need one. Your content provides patients with insights into how your practice can meet their needs. Support this presence by taking actions such as developing a topical blog to offering oral hygiene resources.

Engaging patients should be basic and straightforward. Begin by growing your relationships with existing clients using monthly newsletters. These communications should provide information about trending dental services such as teeth whitening. It should also include personal tidbits, such as staff birthdays, which help to build relationships with your client base.

Take cues on what to include in your newsletter from your social media profiles, or discover what is trending in dentistry by consulting with a dental marketing company.

For your prospective patients, lean more on sharing relevant blog posts for trending dental services. Rather than discussing details of the procedures, take a more personal focus. Topics could include aspects such as recovery time, what to eat or drink after and before the procedures, and interesting facts about dentistry in general.

Develop Robust Target Marketing Groups

Target marketing starts and ends with planning, and finding your target market takes research. Begin by observing what your visitors are doing on your website, study your Google analytics, or consult a data analyst to help you identify emerging trends.

Next, observe what your social media followers interact with most. Do posts about children get shared more often than posts about toothpaste, for example? Use the cues you learn from your online presences to develop a strong patient persona for your dental marketing, which takes account of factors like age, location, gender, and interests.

Choose a Product or Service

Blanket branding is seldom recommended today, and meeting patients at their point of need is essential. Often, these connections are made in response to a specific problem such as a toothache. In most cases, patients are self-diagnosing and looking for a realistic solution. Providing relevant answers and solutions begins with offering products or services, not advertising your dental office.

As you consider the types of services or products to provide, keep a few things in mind:

  • Time of year
  • Patients most likely to enjoy the service or product
  • Best places to advertise for the service or product

Aside from choosing a service or product, plan to support the campaign. Do this by developing a dental marketing content strategy that is topical and strategic. Research relevant long tail keywords to give you insights into the best topics to cover.

Connect with Your Community

In August 2015, Google released a local display search result, which changed the way search engines serve up results. Online search today is now more local and community-based. Connecting with your community requires creative thinking and harnessing the power of collaboration, but it is more beneficial to get your name out in your target market than to implement a broad branding strategy:

  • Begin by getting involved with schools or other influencers.
  • Think outside the box and ask existing patients to volunteer to help jumpstart your efforts.
  • Offer free examinations or host a toothpaste drive to gain trust in your community.

By connecting with your community, you build your authority and garner more engagement online.

Effective dental marketing takes planning and creativity. Use the power of word of mouth, your existing patient relationships, and marketing segmentation to get started. Stick to your marketing strategy, test what is working and let go of what is not.

Marketing efforts can help build and retain a patient base.