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A successful creative marketing strategy for a legal firm is created based on an understanding of our client’s vision for their firm. As law firm marketing consultants, we learn as much as possible about that vision and then develop both short- and long-term goals to make it a viable reality.

Working together with the client, we determine the core strengths and weaknesses in corporate sales, discover why the weaknesses exist and then analyze what it will take to turn them around.

During this process, we create a step-by-step marketing approach that can be implemented over a period of time and works within the client’s budget. Our focus is to develop real-world strategies that produce tangible results.

To determine and implement a successful marketing strategy, it is vital to address the whole picture. Precision Marketing Partners takes a holistic approach to all your marketing needs for a very simple reason. Every aspect of your business is interconnected; a successful marketing strategy must address all of them to work at the optimal level and for the long run.

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We serve clients who are service-based businesses. We specialize in working with medical and legal practices and firms. Our knowledge and understanding of these sectors help us uniquely position your practice or firm for organic success.

Our business management experience and marketing expertise help make your company’s vision a reality. We focus on improving your relationships with your clients to give you more traction throughout your creative marketing efforts.

Whether you need to engage your clients online or gain valuable feedback via an email marketing campaign – we can help. We provide insights into industry best practices to help you achieve successful results. Through planning and identifying key performance indicators, we can guide you through various improvements in your marketing approach.
We develop plans that help you improve current marketing efforts and create strategies that show you how to strengthen your messaging and creative marketing approach in a digital world. Our team gathers relevant data and insights to build strategies that are real and relevant to your practice or firm.

Our commitment to each client is long term. We’re here to help build your company and improve your relationships with your clients. We begin by developing campaigns that help increase brand recognition and launch targeted inbound marketing strategies to support them. We manage your website and social media presence and direct careful and astute placement of any advertisements and press releases on your behalf. Our goal and focus is to deliver a positive return on investment so that every campaign we launch for your practice or firm is a success.

We work to achieve your goals for your business using the latest in data, trends and consumer behavior research. Marketing dollars should never be spent randomly. Our approach is analytical, logical and conservative. This allows us to track all your benchmarks and tweak campaigns as needed to ensure your full marketing program is functioning at its peak.

Our creative marketing strategies and approaches include:

  • ongoing testing of your messaging
  • design and development of marketing collateral
  • strategic ad placement (digital and traditional)
  • direct mail and text messaging campaigns
  • website design and maintenance
  • outreach and link building initiatives

With more than 60 combined years’ experience in marketing, we know what it takes to help our legal clients succeed.

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