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Hi, All. I just wanted to say to Greg and Jenn how blown away I was by the Chapel Hill News ad. I have received SO many emails from people saying they saw say it (comment I've received several times: "I was so happy to see your face smiling up at me from the CH News!"), and patients have mentioned seeing it too. When I've been out in the community a surprising number of acquaintances have stopped me to say that they saw me in the paper (I felt like Britney Spears at my kids' school this morning, except that I don't have a manny . . .). I've also had a few health care providers contact me because they saw it.

While part of this is simply due to having the ad in the paper at all, I think this is mostly happening because the ad is so visually grabbing. From the logo to the photo to the rest of the design, it jumps off the page and commands attention. So . . . GOOD JOB!! And THANK YOU!!!!

Erika Grace
Grace Pelvic Health, Healing & Wellness

"I cannot say enough good things about working with Precision Marketing Partners. As a health care business owner interested in growing our services and patient population, I could not ask for a better team in Greg and Jennifer. Their focus, commitment, communication style, and responsiveness is outstanding, and having both of their perspectives on my goals and concerns gives me confidence to move forward with decisions. Greg has a real keen sense of design and exceptional internet marketing knowledge. I have been delighted with the website, ads, and marketing materials he has produced and the results they are generating. Jennifer has challenged my thinking on both short and long term goals, and helps me keep my eye on important variables. I call these two my dynamic duo, and I now that I am working with them, I cannot imagine running my business without them!"

Kristen Coeytaux
Owner, Chapel Hill Doctors Healthcare Center

Kris Coeytaux
Chapel Hill Doctors Healthcare Center

Since Precision Marketing Partners launched our new website, the traffic and inquiries have nearly doubled on a weekly basis.

Dr. Douglas Drossman
Drossman Gastroenterology

"The first time we ever met with Greg, he told us he was interested in building relationships with clients. That is one of the main reasons we chose Greg, and one of the reasons our business is flourishing working with Greg."

Mary Pat Whaley
Manage My Practice

"Greg Fawcett has been my go-to marketing partner for the past three years. As a business growth consultant, I must depend on only the best, and Greg always delivers for me and my clients. He has a great attitude as well and is not like many creatives who get their feelings hurt if you want to change something. I not only recommend you talk to Greg, I refer him to everyone who needs a marketing genius who can get the job done fast."

Craig Mathews
Big Think

"Greg Fawcett is a calm, creative professional and a master at his work. He can quickly turn out effective marketing materials. He is genuine and sincere about his work and his family life, and his workmanship reflects this quality."

Randy Smith
Randy Smith Photography

"I have had the opportunity to hire and work close with Greg on several important projects. Each time he manages to "WOW" our clients and provide impeccable service. It is rare to find someone who gets it 100% of the time, and he does. If I had the chance to hire him as an employee for our company, there would be no hesitation. Keep up the outstanding work."

Jeff Robinson
Real Marketing

"Greg is a personable guy who takes the time to build a relationship rather than immediately trying to close the sale. He's also very willing to work with people on their terms. Also, Greg's network of industry professionals makes him a great resource for various types of projects. I would definitely recommend meeting Greg to see what he has to offer, especially if you are starting a new business for the first time and putting together a marketing play which seems to be overwhelming."

Maggi Rosenberg
SOR Entertainment

Greg and his team have helped me to create valuable seminars, and then to boot has done all of the promotion, marketing and graphics to get the word out. he has a clever business sens, and should be considered when you need any marketing or business promotion materials."

Gary Davis
Gary Davis Presents