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Time for a fresh start in your branding? Rebranding can give renewed energy to your company.

Every company evolves and with changes brought by evolution, is often the need to rebrand the corporate image. If a company vision or value proposition changes the old branding needs to be replaced with an image to fit the new intent. The heart of successful rebranding is a planned rebranding strategy that is all-encompassing.

Rebranding is a critical and pivotal moment for a company. The new corporate vision, based on both stakeholder and shareholder values, needs to be conveyed in a positive way to the public at large and, more specifically, to the consumer demographics that support the company.

Common reasons for companies to rebrand:

  • Staying current with market trends
  • Differentiating from competitors
  • Merger/Acquisitions
  • Corporate renaming
  • Repositioning
  • Shedding negative images from the past

Rebranding or reimaging a company is a collective and guided marketing effort based on research, analytical studies, and extensive testing and retesting of the not-yet-announced new name and logo. This process spills over to and includes all collateral design work and advertisements to be associated with the new image. It will also include all corporate training programs and materials – an area often overlooked.

Once the decision is in place to move forward with the rebrand new image everything must happen simultaneously. One public relations announcement and every iota of old image has been replaced with the new or rebranded image.

The need for simultaneous and all-inclusive change is not only more economical, it mitigates a lot of the negative publicity and feedback that occur especially in the case of buyout and/or merger situations.