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Public Relations Raleigh NC…
What is it and why does your business need it?

Public Relations Raleigh NCPublic relations is much more than simply getting press coverage for your company. It incorporates the strategic crafting of your brand and corporate image with a view to presenting it to the market place.

In Raleigh NC, Public Relations (PR) helps to support marketing, advertising, and business development initiatives. It contributes to the overall effectiveness and return on investment for a business seeking new customers.

PR is the judicious use of publicity to create credible exposure to your target audience, and to establish a long-term, positive reputation. It is the use of various media channels to obtain unpaid public attention, achieve key marketing objectives, and persuade the public and the company’s stakeholders to maintain a certain point of view.

What does PR include?

Public relations hinges on media attention, and the press release is one way of communicating with the media. However, the science of PR also includes any or all of the following:

• sharing genuine, relevant news and information with the company’s publics
• building relationships with media contacts, the public and the stakeholders
• reputation and brand management
• distribution of key company messages
• management of channels of communication
• management of social media communications
• events management
• customer service and relationship management
• political lobbying

Why does your business need PR?

Public relations is the effective telling of a good story. Your company offers great products and services, but unless your target market knows about you, none of that matters. An integral part of marketing, public relations helps you to shape public perceptions and to communicate more effectively than your competitors, in a manner that is more believable than advertising. PR is an often-overlooked branding tool, which can be the extra ingredient that differentiates your business from your competitors.

At Precision Marketing Partners, we are experienced in helping small and medium-sized businesses with public relations strategies, using a logical and analytical approach to achieve the best possible results. We make sure your PR brings you the attention your company deserves, and creates the positive image you want.