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What is an Inbound Marketing Agency?

inbound_marketing_diagram2An Inbound marketing agency is the term used to represent a marketing agency’s key shift in traditional marketing ideology and methodology. Traditional marketing as the sole vehicle to generate sales is trailing in effectiveness.

In today’s age of DVRs to skip commercials, spam blockers to delete unwanted email and satellite radio to avoid commercials, your target market is getting harder and harder to reach. Inbound Marketing is the highly focused customer-centric remedy to the situation.

Inbound Marketing is literally the implantation of a strategic plan to help your best prospects find you. This translates into making your marketing dollars go further and generating automatically pre-qualified prospects. Inbound Marketing lays a trail of easy-to-follow bread crumbs directly to your website.

How Inbound Marketing works: We create and implement specific tactics that get your company found, convert leads to prospects, nurture leads down the sales funnel and then review, analyze, monitor and tweak the process for optimal benefits to your bottom line.

The process includes:

  • Get Found Tactics: Blogging, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media and Content Marketing
  • Conversion Tactics: Calls to Action, Landing Pages, Email Marketing, Lead Nurturing and Marketing Automation
  • Analysis Tactics: Key Metrics (Website visitors, Leads, Customers, Conversion Rates), Method of Analysis and Goal Setting

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