Raleigh NC Marketing Consulting - Fractional Marketing Director

Slammed from all sides?
A New Way of Marketing Consulting: A Fractional Marketing Director may be the answer for your business

Marketing is essential to get your business noticed, generate leads and bring in new customers. To market successfully, you need the knowledge and experience of someone trained in the craft. If your business isn’t quite ready to employ a marketing executive, however, fractional marketing may be the answer you need. Based on the concept of fractional ownership, you get the services of an experienced marketing consulting expert for a percentage of his or her available time and knowledge, which is often just the right amount you need.  You choose the level of help you need, and pay only for the services you use.

What a Fractional Marketing Director can do for you:


Your fractional marketer can prepare an Inbound Marketing Strategy and implementation plan for your business. By working for just the amount of time and budget you choose, we will:

  • Develop your marketing strategy and creating ideas to reach new potential customers.
  • Pro-actively create and identify marketing opportunities and make recommendations to maximize your return on investment

Marketing Materials

Let us handle the implementation of your branding and marketing strategy by means of marketing consulting, creative concepts, graphic design, copywriting and coordination of final printing and distribution. We develop and push media relations ideas, and review your marketing and public relations materials, such as:

  • Print copy
  • Photographs and visuals
  • Voice-over scripts
  • Press releases
  • Catalogs and brochures

Digital Marketing

We take care of your digital marketing, including the provision of online content, such as website landing pages, articles and blogs according to your requirements. We research and analyze your keywords and optimize the content of your site for search engine indexing. We create and manage your social media presence across the major platforms, and generate successful Calls to Action.

Generating Sales Leads

We manage all of your marketing activities and pursuing every possible avenue to get exposure for your company and generate qualified sales leads.


Enjoy the advantages of our marketing knowledge and experience, insight, connections, guidance, encouragement, and support to grow your business. Get the following additional benefits:

  • Expert reviews of your marketing collateral and access to service providers such as printing, copywriting, signage, trade show displays, promotional products, and website programming.
  • Timely access to your fractional marketing executive for marketing consulting
  • Added value to your business through strategic promotion in business circles
  • Adherence to your marketing budget
  • Regular progress reports and reviews to ensure your marketing is on track