About Us - Precision Marketing Partners, Raleigh NC

Precision Marketing Partners is a Raleigh, North Carolina based full service marketing firm specializing in Inbound Marketing, Branding, Creative Design and Strategic Planning for the medical and healthcare industry. Our approach is one of partnering with clients to help them build a strong marketing presence. We bring a problem solving attitude to the table; this allows us to formulate and create pro-active branding and marketing messages and materials that take our customers to a new level of success.

The types of clients that we best serve are owners and/or decision makers as well as marketing directors. For most in these positions, you have the ideas and perhaps a strategy, but don’t have the means or time to execute either. This is our forte and where Precision Marketing Partners can help grow your business and bottom line.

Today’s world is web and cloud-centric; advertising messages are a constant and delivery methods change in a moment. Doesn’t it make sense to partner with a marketing team that understands the changes and nuances and how they impact your business?

Greg Fawcett, President/Creative Director

Greg Fawcett, Precision Marketing Partners

Greg Fawcett applies his 20+ years of experience in marketing and creativity to help clients achieve excellent results. His skills and experience enable companies to present their fullest potential so they stand above the rest in their marketplace. Fawcett’s numerous awards reflect his creativity and passion he has had serving numerous small to medium sized companies. He is especially adept at discovering marketing opportunities to help these companies enhance their images and visibility. In his strategy, he applies traditional marketing techniques as well as online digital marketing, always reinforcing proper branding and creative messaging that is core to the business culture. Of recent, he has chosen to invest his talents in medical practices and the health care industry, helping them to achieve their goals in growing a broader and stronger patient base.

As president and creative director of Precision Marketing Partners, Greg takes a consultive role with clients, partnering with them to achieve results that attract the right kind of customers. He advises and implements the marketing strategy for his clients, delivering creative and fresh campaigns to their target market.

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Jennifer Setzer, Chief Client Advocate

Jennifer SetzerJennifer is the Chief Client Advocate with Precision Marketing Partners and Street Smart Communicators. She has 15+ years experience as a business management consultant and executive coach. Jennifer earned her undergraduate and graduate degrees in communication studies at UNC Chapel Hill and served on the faculty of Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business in Management Communication.

Jennifer brings her depth of communication intelligence to companies and professional practices who have a service to provide and wish to do so in excellence. Her motto is: Say what you do and do what you say so customers will come, play and stay.