Precision Marketing Partners is a full-service marketing agency specializing in high-touch service industries, such as:

Medical Practice MarketingDental Practice MarketingLaw Firm MarketingVeterinarian Practice Marketing

What Marketing Simplified Means

If it’s marketing-related, we take care of it – from strategy to design to delivery. Simply put…we make it happen!

Keeping You Visible in Your Market

As your marketing arm, strategic partner and head cheerleader, we help confirm and deliver your brand promise to meet expectations – across all mediums and channels to your target audiences. You have a unique skill set in your profession and a passion for what you do. As an offline and online marketing firm, our job is to make sure your practice is top of mind, so when a need arises, the decision is an easy one for the potential patient or client to turn to your services.

Strategically Building Your Practice

Building your practice is based on three key elements: acquisition, retention and referrals.  Precision Marketing Partners thrives in strategically planning and creating the most efficient and effective ways to creatively and memorably reach your community.

A Collaborative Partnership

Like any marketing firm worth its salt, we offer the full range of tools (see services tab above) to implement the custom-designed marketing strategy for your practice. But what differentiates us from other marketing firms is the way we work with our clients in an in-depth partnership with skill sets that you won’t find anywhere else. Most of our clients fondly call Jennifer and Greg the dynamic duo, with a unique mix of creative marketing skills, business management consulting, and executive coaching.

Your Success Is Our Priority

With us, you are not a number. We form intimate relationships with all of our clients, and our boutique style will give you peace of mind. Your success is our priority.

Planning for Tomorrow’s Successes

With Precision Marketing Partners at your side, you have more time to work in your business doing what you do best, while we make sure to work on your business planning for tomorrow’s successes.

Why Choose Precision Marketing Partners?

Fees to Fit Your Budget

  • One flat retainer fee includes everything in your chosen plan, from soup to nuts.
  • Optional retainer plans to fit any budget.
  • We chose our model of operation because we don’t want to be order takers and just do campaigns and projects on the fly – we want to be integral to the success of your business.
  • We cut through all of the clutter and make recommendations that best serve your business.

More Time to Do What You Do Best

  • We quickly become the marketing arm of your company at a fraction of the cost of a full-time marketing director and with much more capabilities.
  • We are vested in your success – YOU and US quickly becomes WE as we become an integral part of your team.
  • We are really easy to work with – no temperamental artsy fartsy people here.
  • You have more time to work in your business.

The Right Approach for Your Practice

  • Our goal is to have you be the company you want to be through fulfilling the promise of your brand.
  • 60+ years of industry experience.
  • We are in this profession to do what is right for our clients, not to win awards through pricey marketing campaigns.
  • We assist in fostering the culture of the practice in order to strengthen your brand internally with your team.